How to Check NYSC Senate List 2023 for Prospective Corps Members

How to Check NYSC Senate List 2023  for Prospective Corps Members. Below are the procedures you need to follow to check your name on NYSC Senate List.

How To Check  Senate List 2023/2024

After your school upload the approved names during the year you will serve and go to camp, you will know your stream. All batches

  1. Go to NYSC Academic Board / Senate list portal at to start your online registration.
  2. On the NYSC senate list portal, Select your University, Polytechnic or College.
  3. Supply your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns.
  4. Select your date of birth.
  5. Finally, click the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your status.

If your name is yet to be uploaded on the portal, your school might still be in the process of uploading. So you can keep checking back. Any complaint should be directed to your institution without delay.

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What is the difference between graduation list and Senate list?

The difference between NYSC Senate List and Graduation List is that Graduation List contains list of names of people from all schools arranged under their faculty and department to enable you confirm if your name have been forwarded to NYSC while Senate List is a list that contains all graduates who are qualified

NYSC Registration Tips for Prospective Corps Members

  • Fresh Registration link: for first-time registrants
  • Revalidation link: for previously mobilized but didn’t attend Orientation Camp
  • Incomplete previous registration: log in with previous Username and Password, don’t create a new account
  • Avoid proxy thumbprint
  • Upload clear passport photo, not wearing NYSC crested vest
  • Use dashboard links appropriately and follow social media for updates
  • Apply for name correction on dashboard (spelling errors, rearrangement, addition/removal)
  • Ensure correct Date of Birth on NYSC Portal, apply for correction if needed before Camp Registration
  • Contact State Secretariat for wrongly uploaded Thumbprint/Passport photos before Orientation Exercise
  • No passport photo change after camp registration
  • Part-time graduates: register online to print Exclusion Letter on dashboard when Call-up Letters are available

Why is my name on graduation list and not on Senate list?

Your school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission. Panic not, it really shows that your school is yet to submit hard copies of your credentials to NYSC for mobilization and upload on the NYSC Senate List.
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