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PCGS Application Form – The Conditional Grant Scheme, a ground-breaking initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) is intended to improve the economic standing of people and communities throughout the nation.

This program is to give eligible recipients financial support so they can follow their entrepreneurial dreams and advance the growth and development of the country. Let us examine this program in more detail, including its goals, how to apply it, and the possible effects it could have on Nigerians.


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To guarantee that the PCGS’s benefits get to the people who need them the most, the program has set certain requirements for potential beneficiaries to meet.

The following are general requirements that people and organizations must fulfill to be eligible for the President Conditional Grant Scheme, though the specifics may change depending on the program’s focus areas:

1. Citizenship and Residency: Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria who currently reside in the nation.

2. Vulnerability: The program gives priority to people and groups—such as women, youth, people with disabilities, and other marginalized populations—who are susceptible to socioeconomic disadvantages.

3. Business Proposal: Applicants must provide a workable business proposal that describes their company, how they plan to use the grant

4. Empowering Underrepresented Groups: To enable women, youth, and people with disabilities to actively engage in economic activities and become change agents in their communities, the PCGS places a special emphasis on their empowerment.


Eligible individuals and groups can apply via fedgrantandloan gov ng for the President Conditional Grant Scheme with ease because it is an application process that is transparent and easily accessible. The general application process for the PCGS is outlined in the following steps:

1. Enrollment: Prospective candidates must register through the official PCGS portal or specific registration locations. They will supply the necessary contact and personal details during registration. Click here to apply for IYALOJA Registration

2. Business Proposal Submission: After registering, candidates must send in a thorough business proposal explaining their entrepreneurial endeavor, the amount of funding needed, and the expected effects on the community.

3. Evaluation: The submitted proposals go through a rigorous evaluation process in which they are assessed for viability, employment potential, and contribution to local economic development.

4. Selection and Acceptance: Following the evaluation, qualified candidates are vetted and granted a conditional grant, contingent on meeting program requirements.

5. Monitoring and Payment: Following approval, the recipients receive the grant funds, and procedures are established to guarantee that the funds are used appropriately and that the desired results are achieved.

All interested applicants should visit https://fedgrantandloan.gov.ng/ to apply.

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