Norway Government Jobs 2024 With Work VISA to Settle in Norway

Norway Government Jobs 2024 With Work VISA to Settle in Norway – Applications are invited from all interested persons. Here are all you need to know; the requirements, application deadline, and how to apply.

The Norwegian business sector is technologically advanced and quick to adopt new technology. Norway has long been an innovative country, and has specialist expertise in areas such as oil and gas, energy, the maritime sector and seafood.

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What you Need to Know About Norway

Norway is a safe, peaceful country with good welfare systems and a constructive, well-regulated employer–employee relationship. A flat organisational structure with a high degree of transparency and good opportunities for employee participation is typical of Norwegian workplaces. The workforce is highly qualified.

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Norway in 2023

Here is my short list of all skill shortage jobs in Norway for which you can apply in 2023 and i recommend you to find these skill shortage jobs in Norwegian government official jobs portal and link to that i already gave you in above section.

  • Architecture
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Tourism sector
  • Engineering
  • healthcare professions
  • AI/IT
  • Teaching jobs and Research positions
  • Sales and retail

List of Private Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Norway in 2023

1 MSD Jobs in Norway

MSD is a famous biopharmaceutical company that aims to provide innovative products/services to its target audience and this Norweigian company produces medicines, animal health products, and vaccinations therefore, the company requires highly qualified staff to run their operations and MSD also sponsors Norway work visa of its selected candidates to help them land in Norway without any hassle. MSD decides whether they can sponsor the visa of their new recruit after reviewing the local labor regulations, legal bindings, and other supporting procedures which is why i recommend you to apply for jobs at MSD Norway.

2 Hansen Technologies Jobs in Norway

Hansen Technologies is a popular software company operating globally and has a big office in Norway where multiple job openings are available for you to apply whereas Hansen Technologies is also an approved employer by Norway government which makes me say this that you will be in safe hands if you apply for jobs at Hansen technologies. Hansen Technologies believes in innovation and lasting solutions therefore, they encourage qualified overseas professionals to start working with Hansen technologies in Norway.

3 Meraki Jobs in Norway

Meraki is a Norway based company that specializes in WiFi, security, and routing technologies and offers top notch network security services while making themselves a brilliant IT solution brand in Norway. But due to the complex nature of their IT tasks Meraki is always in need of IT engineers, software developers, and AI engineers. Therefore, Meraki recruits international candidates that meet the qualification requirements and are ready to serve Meraki from this year and you will be happy to know that various Meraki Cisco job opportunities are now available for international candidates.

4 Quorum Business Solutions Jobs in Norway

Quorum Business Solutions offers jobs with Visa Sponsorship to international job seekers in Norway and if you wonder what does Quorum do then they are actually a software solutions company. Quorom require qualified international staff specializing in software technology and IT with a sharp mind toward problem-solving skills and if you land a job with this company then you will also get visa sponsorship by Quorum for Norway as per labor regulations, legal procedures, and qualifications.

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List of Multinationals in Norway Offering Jobs with Free Work VISA

1 G8 Education Jobs in Norway

Let me start telling you with a short introduction of G8 Education which is an educational setup in Norway that offers education to children while promoting character building activities and they also promote innovative indoor and outdoor activities that can benefit the students.

You can actually find employment opportunities with G8 education in Norway whereas their common job posts are Centre Managers, Teachers, Coordinators, Regulators, curriculum makers etc. If you have a degree in education discipline or you are a subject specialist with prior work experience then you will be highly liked to get accepted for any teaching jobs at G8 education in Norway.

2 Procter & Gamble Jobs in Norway

P&G jobs are considered one of the top paying work opportunities abroad and that is the same case in Norway where they have multiple job openings of plant technicians, production engineers, data analysts, supervisors, control engineers, legal advisors, auditors, R&D dept, soil technicians, truck drivers, etc. Procter & Gamble Norway requires job applicants to provide evidence of their qualifications and work experience so that HR department of P&G Norway can then find the best job applicants for their high paying job positons.

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