Latest NPower Stipend Payment News Today 18th July 2023

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Npower Beneficiaries Cry Out Over Non-Payment of Stipends Since December

Npower Beneficiaries Raise Concerns About Unpaid Stipends Since December”

Numerous Npower beneficiaries are voicing their frustration regarding the non-disbursement of their monthly stipends since December 2022.

These beneficiaries have been owed five months’ worth of stipends even before President Bola Tinubu took office.

Regrettably, since the commencement of his tenure, none of the pending allowances have been settled.

This predicament has led to growing discontent and disillusionment among the Npower beneficiaries who depend on these stipends for their livelihoods.

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Meanwhile, Nasims recently held an interactive session called “Half Hour With Npower C Beneficiaries” to address concerns raised by Npower Batch C beneficiaries. Here is a summary of the session that took place on July 10, 2023.

Summary of Questions and Responses:

  1. Status of C1 Beneficiaries: The Npower C1 program officially ended in August 2022. Additional payments received by C1 beneficiaries for September, October, and November were part of the Nexit package approved by H.M. Sadiya Umar Farouq.
  2. Payment and Program Continuation: The continuation of the Npower program depends on the President’s decision. Nasims cannot provide a definite answer about payment continuation until the program’s status is confirmed.
  3. Payment Date for Outstanding Months: The payment date for outstanding months owed is unknown as the funds are still awaiting approval from the new administration. Payment initiation will occur once approval is obtained.
  4. Unpaid C1 Beneficiaries: C1 beneficiaries who are waiting for payments for September, October, and November will receive them once funds are approved and made available.
  5. Pre-selected Beneficiaries: Pre-selected beneficiaries should follow the instructions provided in their messages and wait for further directives as they are supplementary to existing C2 beneficiaries.
  6. Account Validation: Account validation links were sent to C2 beneficiaries with incorrect account details. C1 beneficiaries facing payment issues can also utilize this opportunity for account validation.
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