African Youth Travel Support Grants for Nigerians 2023/2024 – Apply

African Youth Travel Support Grants for Nigerians – The African Internet Governance Forum (African IGF) Secretariat is excited and delighted to extend a warm invitation to all passionate African youths to participate in the highly anticipated Africa Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023.

This grand event is scheduled to take place at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton in the vibrant city of Abuja, Nigeria. As preparations for this momentous gathering are in full swing, the African IGF Secretariat is equally thrilled to announce the Call for Travel Support, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering inclusive participation and enabling aspiring attendees, particularly young minds, to actively contribute to shaping the future of Internet governance in Africa.At the heart of the African IGF’s mission lies the belief that this significant platform should be an inclusive space where all voices are heard, especially those of the continent’s vibrant youth. In line with this vision, the Call for Travel Support seeks to eliminate financial barriers that may hinder deserving youths from attending the event, thus ensuring their active involvement and representation.

The success of this noble initiative hinges on the collective support and contributions of generous organizations and individuals who share the African IGF’s commitment to empowering African youths and stakeholders. The partnering organizations of the Africa IGF 2023 have demonstrated their unwavering dedication by dedicating resources to make this event a catalyst for positive change in the digital landscape of Africa.

The Africa IGF 2023 in Abuja promises to be an extraordinary gathering that will shape the trajectory of Internet governance across the continent. This is an incredible opportunity for passionate youths to actively participate and contribute their ideas, insights, and aspirations to create a sustainable and prosperous digital future for Africa. By being part of this dynamic forum, young leaders will join a community of visionary minds driven by a common purpose to harness the potential of the digital age for the greater good of the continent.

About the African Internet Governance Forum (African IGF):

The African IGF stands as a vibrant and inclusive platform, transcending boundaries to bring together stakeholders from across the African continent. Its core purpose is to engage in constructive discussions and collectively shape the future of Internet governance in Africa. Embracing the principles of openness and inclusivity, the African IGF fosters dialogue on Internet governance issues that directly impact the continent. Through collaborative efforts, knowledge sharing, and informed decision-making, the forum strives to unite diverse stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, academia, private sector entities, and technical communities.

Benefits of Youth Travel Support Grants:

The African IGF is delighted to extend two types of travel support grants, ensuring that a wider pool of deserving young individuals can participate:

  1. Full Support: This comprehensive package covers essential expenses, including travel, accommodation, and local transportation, ensuring that recipients can focus solely on engaging in the Africa IGF 2023.
  2. Partial Support: This support package includes either travel or accommodation, providing the flexibility to meet specific needs and circumstances.

Qualification Requirements for Youth Travel Support Grants:

To be eligible for the travel support grants, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. African Residents: Applicants must be residents of an African country, aligning with the African IGF’s mission to empower local talents.
  2. Youth: Eligible applicants should fall within the age bracket of 15 to 35 years, recognizing the potential and enthusiasm of the youth in driving meaningful change.
  3. Demonstrated Interest: Aspiring attendees must showcase a genuine interest in Internet governance, policy, or related fields, underscoring their passion for contributing to Africa’s digital evolution.
  4. Impactful Participation: Applicants are encouraged to articulate how their attendance at the Africa IGF 2023 will not only benefit their personal growth but also contribute to the continent’s broader digital development.
  5. Visa Expenses: While the African IGF offers travel support, applicants are expected to take responsibility for their visa expenses independently.

Interview Date, Process, and Venue:

The African IGF has set important dates for the selection process:

  • Application Deadline: Interested applicants must submit their applications by 7th August 2023, ensuring ample time for careful consideration.
  • Announcement of Selected Participants: On 18th August 2023, the African IGF will announce the selected participants via email, notifying the fortunate individuals who will be part of this transformative experience.

How to Apply:

For enthusiastic and qualified individuals eager to seize this unique opportunity, the application process is straightforward. To apply for the Travel Support Grants, interested candidates should visit the official African Internet Governance Forum (AFIGF) website at There, applicants will find all the necessary information and guidance to complete their applications effectively.

For more in-depth details and insights into the Africa IGF 2023 Call for Travel Support, please visit the official African IGF website at This comprehensive resource will provide aspiring attendees with a comprehensive overview of the event’s objectives, agenda, and the transformative impact they can make as active participants.

In conclusion, the African Internet Governance Forum Secretariat is excitedly preparing for the grand Africa IGF 2023 in Abuja, a landmark event aimed at shaping the future of Internet governance in Africa. The Call for Travel Support serves as a testament to the African IGF’s commitment to inclusivity and empowering the continent’s youths to lead in the digital era. With generous support from partnering organizations and the active engagement of passionate youths, this event promises to chart a path toward a brighter and digitally empowered Africa.

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