10 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid this Year

10 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid this Year – Are you planning on submitting your application for a job? Is curriculum vitae (CV) required for completion of your application? If yes, this article brings to your notice some common mistakes you have made in your CV. STOP and check again to make your CV perfect and suitable for that job.

If you’ve spent all time putting together a CV and cover letter, it should look irresistible to your employer. So, we’ve put together some overlooked CV mistakes in employee C this year.


1. Employer Name and address

This might seem nothing to you but, it can affect you getting that job. On the email and on your cover letter ensure you put the right name, and address and that you have their title correct. Mr Williams doesn’t want to be called Mr Joseph

2. Check it Again

Then, just to be on the safe side, double-check the company and product names that your spellchecker wouldn’t have caught. Speaking of spelling error, spell check. Spell check right now!

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3. Wrong Company/Employer with Right application (CV &Cover Letter)

Some applicants have a wonderful and employable CV, but these CVs are been sent to the wrong place of employment. If you should send out lots of CV and applications at once double that the right CV is going to the right job position and employer.

Every job has its own CV format. So tweak yours to fit each job advert or application. Improve your chances with our Free CV templates

4. Attach Require Document

Before sending out your CV to any job, make sure it has all the necessary information, job descriptions and qualifications in it. Attach the right documents to back your CV before pressing the SEND button from your email or application portal. You won’t like to send an email twice because you forgot to attach a particular document. READ STEP TWO AGAIN. And then don’t make these other email mistakes!

5. CV Format (Typesetting your CV)

Most times we neglect these little things and it turns out to be a barrier in our job search/process. Submission format of your CV shows how far you took your time to go through the job requirements and description. Make sure the format of your CV is easy to open on all computers. We recommend sending your CV in PDF format. There are some computers that cannot open old versions of Word documents. Your CV should not be on the slide document. Ensure you follow the job CV format and structure your CV.

6. CV Titling – Judge a book by its title

Why should you ‘Curriculum Vitae’ on top of your CV page when we know that the document is a CV? A CV should start with your name in clear bold letters at the top of your page.

I know you are smiling writing now… year we all did it at some point.

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7. Sent and recipient Email/Website

You also should be aware of the email or website you are sending your CV. Carefully look at the email and website URL to be sure it is the right one. Email like willamsjoseph30@hotmail.com isn’t likely to be taken seriously. Also, the email address you use in the application should be your name only with properly number or easily recognized symbols. Email address like sandybaby@gmail.com, sexyemmy@yahoo.com is likely to be turned down.

8. Job Description

Most applicants do not read through the job description before designing their CV. No CV is perfect and every CV is perfect… it all depends on the job description.

Some employer may want you to give them your job experience first before your education qualification, in some cases, it could be the skills you’ve had that can be beneficial to the employer. So, if you only apply without looking at the job descriptions, requirements, CV structure, and relevant skills this might be the error you are making.

9. Proof Reading – Be Sure

Go through it yourself and look for grammatical errors; if you’re not confident in editing your own work then get a friend or family member to go over it for you.

10. And, finally Sending you CV

If you are applying for a job, ensure you apply a day before the closing date. Most time network is bad and might disappoint you on the closing date. Secondly, they must have downloaded all data a day before the closing date and your data will be life behind.

Now, grab a drink of your choice and read through once more – yes, AGAIN! – and if you’re sure everything is 100% correct hit that SEND button.

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