UNICAL Academic Calendar 2022/2023 Academic Sessions

UNICAL Academic Calendar 2022/2023 Academic Sessions. See the full University Of Calabar (UNICAL) Academic Calendar For 2021/2022 And 2022/2023 Academic Sessions below.

UNICAL Academic Calendar 2022/2023 Academic Sessions

The Management University of Calabar has released its amended academic calendar for the 1st Semester of the 2021/2022, 2nd Semester of the 2021/2022 and 1st Semester of the 2022/2023 academic sessions. Students and faculty are advised to take note of the important dates and events for a seamless academic experience.

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UNICAL Academic Calendar

Here is a detailed breakdown of the calendar:

March 2023:

  • Friday 24th: Arrival of returning students and new students
  • Monday 27th: Registration for all students begins; lectures start for all students

April 2023:

  • Monday 3rd: Solemn Assembly
  • Tuesday 11th: Supplementary exams commence
  • Saturday 15th: Inaugural Lecture
  • Monday 24th – Tuesday 25th: Supplementary exams end
  • Orientation for new students
  • Tuesday 25th: Late registration begins for all students
  • Wednesday 26th: Inaugural Lecture

May 2023:

  • Tuesday 2nd: Summer exams commence
  • Wednesday 3rd: Late registration ends for new students
  • Saturday 6th: Summer exams end
  • Monday 8th to 12th: Continuous assessment
  • Wednesday 10th: Inaugural Lecture
  • Friday 12th: Matriculation
  • Monday 15th to 19th: Convocation
  • Wednesday 24th: Inaugural Lecture
  • Thursday 25th: Special Senate on 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 (1st semester of both)
  • Thursday 25th: Late registration ends for returning students

June 2023:

  • Friday 2nd: Lectures end for all students
  • Monday 5th: Revision
  • Monday 12th: Exams begin for all students
  • Friday 30th: Exams end

July 2023:

  • Monday 3rd: GSS Exams begin
  • Saturday 8th: GSS Exams end


  • 15 Weeks: Duration of the semester
  • 11 Weeks: Lectures
  • 4 Weeks: Examinations

Final Note

The University of Calabar’s amended academic calendar for the 1st Semester of 2021/2022, 2nd Semester of 2021/2022 and 1st Semester of 2022/2023 ensures that students and faculty members have a clear understanding of the important dates and events. Students are encouraged to plan their schedules accordingly and stay updated on any further changes or announcements from the university.

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