Nigerian POLAC Recruitment Advisory To Applicants On Screening Notification Challenge 2023

Nigerian POLAC Recruitment 2023 Advisory To Applicants On Screening Notification Challenge – The Nigerian Police Academy POLAC has given an update regarding screening notification challenge facing the applicants, and have advised the applicants to follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

According to the Nigeria Police Academy, in an effort to ensure that no eligible candidate is left inconvenienced, realized that some applicants have been facing difficulties in receiving SMS notifications, which could be due to factors such as a change of phone number or unforeseen technical issues.

In order to leave no stone unturned, all eligible candidates who are concerned about not receiving SMS notifications are strongly encouraged to visit our website to print out their invitation slips, which will include all necessary details regarding the screening date, time, and location.

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this by visiting our official website without delay. Our aim is to ensure that every eligible candidate has the information they need to be well-prepared for the upcoming screening.

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