Latest NPower News Today 11th August 2023

The issues with NPOwer SSP Portal is gradually been resolved. as of yesterday, NPower Beneficiaries who complained of not being able to access their Account/ Portal on the new NASIMS Portal confirmed that it is now accessible . Incase you are still finding it difficult to access, follow use this link  NASIMS SSP Portal Login| Npower NASIMS Website 2023.

NPOwer Payment News Today 11th August 2023

NPower Payment is currently disbursing outstanding stipends from October to December 2022 to NPower Batch C beneficiaries.

Stipend Payment Phases

The ongoing payment phase involves the disbursement of stipends for the months of October, November, and December of the preceding year, 2022. This meticulous approach ensures transparency and accuracy in allocating funds to deserving beneficiaries. It’s important to note that stipend disbursements for the year 2023 have not yet commenced. Beneficiaries are kindly urged to exercise patience and understanding as the necessary arrangements are made to facilitate the forthcoming disbursements.

NASIMS SSP Portal Login

To login to portal, you can either use your phone or mobile device to access the website very easily. Once the portal open, all you will need to do is login with your ID on the nasims portal and also your password.

The direct website link for the new npower NASIMS website Is . Please do well to login now and update all necessary details.

To log in to the new portal, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to either or
  2. A pop-up list will appear. Locate Npower on the list and select it by clicking the circle next to it. Then, click “continue.”
  3. A login page will appear, where you’ll need to enter your email and password to access the portal.

The upgraded portal will provide clearer insights into the functioning of the NSIP programme.

Additional Information for Npower Users

If you received a message asking you to validate your account as an Npower user, rest assured that it’s not a fake message. Follow the instructions in the message to complete your enrollment in the Npower programme.

Moreover, the Federal Government has initiated the registration of artisans across the country. If you’re an artisan, you can register by following these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the registration site.
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the site to complete your registration.
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