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FRSC Past Questions and Answers – This article covers how to get Frsc recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2023/2024 for cbt exam. Through this guide, you’ll see how to Download Federal road safety corps Recruitment past questions and answers for frsc aptitude test PDF

This Frsc Past Questions and Answers covers some of the key questions and answers asked in the past FRSC examination.

We will like to remind you that you that steady practice of FRSC recruitment past questions will help you in understanding how federal road safety corps set their screening exercise test.



1) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – nullify

  • A. aggravate
  • B. establish
  • C. transform
  • D. invalidate
    Answer: D2) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – rebuke
  • A. censure
  • B. implore
  • C. disparage
  • D. denigrate
    Answer: A

3) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – unpretentious

  • A. realistic
  • B. problematic
  • C. pragmatic
  • D. modest

4) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – applause

  • A. evocation
    B. citation
    C. commendation
    D. acclaim
    Answer: Option D

5) Choose the word most similar in meaning to -striated

  • A. forgiving
  • B. friendly
  • C. lined
  • D. urgent
    Answer: OptionC

6) Which word means- hard work; intense pain; toil

  • A. acrimony
  • B. rancour
  • C. troth
  • D. travail
    Answer : OptionD

7) Which word means- to merge; to combine; to unite

  • A. amalgamate
  • B.solidify
  • C. exonerate
  • D. evaporate
    Answer: Option A

8) Which word means- disaster

  • A. calumny
  • B. calamity
  • C. autocracy
  • D. blow
    Answer : OptionB

9) Which word means- person who spends money extravagantly

  • A. archetype
  • B. wastrel
  • C. miser
  • D. epitome
    Answer: Option B

10) Which word means- effect; final act or result; consequence

  • A. upshot
  • B. paradox
  • C. closure
  • D. hindsight

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FRSC Past Questions And Answers ENGLISH CONTINUES

11) Which word means- official paper; deed; certificate

  • A. act
  • B. action
  • C. document
  • D. patron
    Answer : OptionC

12) Which word means-shackle; hindrance

  • A. fetter
  • B. closure
  • C. knot
  • D. tie
    Answer: Option A

13) Which word means- nobility; fairness; generosity

  • A. abstinence
  • B. magnanimity
  • C. parody
  • D. affluence
    Answer: Option B

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49) Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune

  • A. moon
  • B.sun
  • C. planet
  • D. earth
    Answer:D – Explanations: These are all planets of the solar system.

50) magazine, armoury, barracks

  • A. garrison
  • B. military
  • C. arsenal
  • D.soldier
    Answer :C
    Explanation: These are all military buildings.

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers MATHEMATICS Excerpts

4) Anna bought $4,000 of company stock. She sold 75% of it when the value
doubled, and the remainder at four times the purchase price. What was her total

  • A.$4,000
  • B. $6,750
  • C. $6,000
  • D. $6,500
  • E. $5,000
  • Answer: C
    • Explanation: Anna sold 75% of her stock when it was worth $8000. So she took $6000 cash, leaving her with $2000 worth of stock, which she had purchased for $1000.When this stock increased in value to $4000 she sold it and added this to the first$6000giving her$10,000in cash. Subtracting the initial $4000 coat of the stock, Anna has made $6,000.

5) A total of 1600 copies of a CD were sold. 30% were sold at a 55% discount, 10%
were sold at 30%discount and the remainder were sold at the full price of $7.95.
What was the approximate total revenue in dollars?

  • A.10,369
  • B. 10,569
  • C. 10,569
  • D.10,234
  • E. 10,669
  • Answer: D
    • Explanation: Of the 1600 CDs sold:
      60% or 960 were sold at $7.95 = $7632
      10% or 160 were sold at $5.56 = $889
      {{{{{30% or 480 were sold at $3.57 = $1713}}}}
      Therefore the total revenue was $10,234

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6) Anna and John both receive stock as part of their remuneration. Anna
20%. What is the difference between the values of the two bonuses?

  • A. $12.00
  • B.$10.00
  • C. $20.00
  • D. $14.00
  • E. $11.50
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: Anna receives a bonus of ($400 * 0.12 =) $48.John receives a bonus of ($300 * 0.20 =) $60. The difference between their bonuses is, therefore, $12.

7) Components X, Y, and Z are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4. How many Z components
will be in an order for 8000 components?

  • A.3,200
  • B.1,600
  • C. 6,400
  • D. 4,600
  • E. 1,800
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: The components are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4 and the total order is for 8,000.
      To work out the numbers of each add 1+5+4 = 10.
      Divide $8,000 by 10 = 800. You can then calculate that the number of Z
      components will be (800 * 4 =) 3,200.

8) A bank offers 10% per annum interest which is calculated and added at the end
of the year. {{{{{{Another bank offers 10% per annum which is calculated and added}}}}}
every six months. What is the difference on a deposit of $800 after one year?

  • A. $2.00
  • B. $2.60
  • C. $2.40
  • D. $2.20
  • E. $4.00
  • Answer: A
    • Explanation: At the bank paying 10% interest calculated each year, the amount will be $880 ($800 * 1.10) at the end of the first year. At the bank paying 10% per annum added every 6 months, the amount will be $840 ($800 * 1.05) at the end of the first six months and $882 ($840 * 1.05) at the end of the year. Therefore the difference will be$2.00.

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9) It costs a manufacturer X dollars per component to make the first 500
components. All subsequent components cost X÷5 each. When X = $4.50 How much will it cost to manufacture 4,000components?

  • A. $5,600
  • B. $4,600
  • C. $5,400
  • D. $5,200
  • E. $5,450
  • Answer: C
    • Explanation: The first 500 components are $4.50 each which gives $2,250. The 3500 subsequent components cost $0.90 each which gives $3,150. Therefore the run of 4000 components will cost $5,400.

10) Identify the missing number.
2 6 44 8 10 15 19 ? 21 23

  • A. 72
  • B. 66
  • C. 73
  • D. 57
  • E. 55
  • Answer: D
    • Explanation: The numbers on the bottom row are 13 more than those on the top row. Therefore the missing number is 44 + 13 = 57.

11) Identify the missing number
3 17 6 14 10 5 5 25 ? 7

  • A. 13
  • B. 12
  • C. 25
  • D. 17
  • E. 3
    Answer: A
  • ……………………………………………………………….

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers CURRENT AFFAIRS Excerpts

1) Ceasarian section is a process of giving birth to a baby by a woman through

  • a. Labour
  • b. Medication
  • c. Oral therapy
  • d. Operation
    Answer: D

2) Urine contains urea, water and

  • a. hydrogen
  • b. soldium
  • c. H20
  • d. Salt

3) Parliamentary Filibusterstrategy is a method of delaying decision in the
parliament through

  • (a) adjournment
  • (b) long speech
  • (c) physical combat
  • (d) absenteeism
    Answer: B

4) HIV/AIDS can be contracted through

  • a. Sharing of clippers for barbing hair
  • b. Hand shake
  • c. Worshipping together
  • d. Using the same plate to eat
    Answer; A

5) Kerosene is a product refined from

  • a. Petrol
  • b. Petroleum Jelly
  • c. Crude oil
  • d. Plan oil



12.The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme was established in Nigeria in the year…………….?

a. 1970.

b. 1971.

c. 1973.

d. 1975.

e. 1976.

Answer is C

13.How many senator(s) represent the federal capital territory in the senate?

a. 1.

b. 2.

c. 3.

d. 4.

e. 5.

Answer is A

14.In which country is the International Court of Justice located?

a. Britain.

b. Netherlands.

c. Nigeria.

d. Norway.

e. United State of America.

Answer is B


In each of the following sentences, choose from A, B, C, D, E, one word or group of words which correctly fills the gap in each sentence.

Write your answer A, B, C, D, or E in the space provided at the left hand.

10. Alice was tired as they were__

a. So b. too c. as d. more e. better

Answer is B

11. Peter likes English___ than social studies

a. Much b. best c. better d. as e. least

Answer is C

12.You won’t catch the bus______ you run.

a. Before b. as soon as c. since d. unless e. as

Answer is D


5.If a secretary types 60 words per minute, how many minute will he take to type 330 words?

A) 11/2

B) 15/2

C) 16/3

D) 17/2

E) 19/4

Answer is A

6. If Scott can mow 2/5 of a lawn each hour, how many lawns can he mow in h hours?

A) 2h/5

B) 5h/2

C) h-2/5

D) 2/5h

E) 5/2h

Answer is A


FRSC Past Questions And Answers

1) FRSC had 5 Zonal offices at inception, mention the location of the five offices?

Answer: Aba, Benin, Kaduna, Abuja, Ibadan

2) Who is the National coordinator of Special Marshals?

Answer: Mr Sini Kwabe

3) A document containing the processes and procedures in the Corps is called_____?

Answer: Quality Manual

4) A Unit Commanders can give a leave of absence to staff that has reported sick and comes with a medical report. True or False?

Answer: True

5) A stop sign has how many sides?

Answer: Six

6) The Highway Code is not a law. True or False?

Answer: True

7) The seatbelt should not be worn while reversing a car. True or False?

Answer: True

8) ‘NAF’ is a military number plate code for which organization?

Answer: Nigeria Airforce

9) The FRSC in her 2015 strategic goals intend to reduce RTC by what percentage?

Answer: 20%

10) The FRSC in her 2015 strategic goals intends to reduce fatality by what percentage?

Answer: 30%

11) What is the purpose of parade?

Answer: To show that an officer or marshal is proud, alert and disciplined.

12) What is the address of the FRSC HQ?

Answer: 4, Maputo Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

13) What is RTSSS?

Answer: Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme

14) What is the minimum number of vehicles a fleet operator should have to obtain RTSSS certification?

Answer: Five vehicles

15) What is blind spot?

Answer: It is the area behind the driver which the side mirrors cannot see

16) Who is the head of AHR Department in the Corps?

Answer: DCM CD Nwachukwu

17) Who is the head of FRSC Mega Cooperative?

Answer: Corps Commander Shehu Mohammed

18) What is ABS?

Answer: Antilock Braking System

19) What is the FRSC vision?

Answer: To eradicate Road Traffic Crashes and create a safe motoring environment in Nigeria

20) State the FRSC core values?

Answer: Timeliness, Fairness, Transparency, Service Orientation.

21) Which year did FRSC obtained the ISO certification?

Answer: 2013

22) What is the full meaning of TSSD?

Answ­er: Technical Service and Special Duties

23) The filing system adopted by the Corps is referred to as the ———-system?

Answer: Book System

24) NC in the Systems Audit procedure means:

Answer: Non-Conformity

25) The link on FRSC website where staff can get official information is____?

Answer: Staff login

26) Which department is in charge of ID card and related matters in FRSC?

Answer: TSSD

27) There is no Judge Advocate or Defense Counsel in FDP. True or False

Answer: True

28) A marshal charged for Desertion can be summarily investigated. True of False

Answer: False

29) KPIs must be SMART to be acceptable. What is SMART?


S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Realistic

T- Time-bound

30) The FRSC official website is cited as?


FRSC Past Questions And Answers (General Knowledge)

1. Who is the president of Ghana?

Answer: John Mahama

2. Who is the designer of Nigerian Flag?

Answer: Pa Taiwo Akinkumi

3. The Global System of Mobile Communication started in Nigeria in what year?

Answer: 2001

4. World War II was fought when?

Answer: 1939 – 1945

5. September 11th otherwise known as 911 is a day popular for the remembrance of what?

Answer: A terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York

6. Who is the minister for women affairs?

Answer: Aisha J Alhassan

7. What is BPP?

Answer: Bureau of Public Procurement

8. A hexagon has how many sides?

Answer: Six sides

9. Who is the president of African Development Bank?

Answer: Dr. Akinwumi Adesina

10. Name two former UN Secretary Generals who are Africans?


i. Koffi Anan

ii. Butrous Butrous Ghali

11. The ECOWAS headquarters is located where?

Answer: Abuja, Nigeria

12. Which country won the recently concluded CAF under 23 Championship?

Answer: Nigeria

13. Which country hosted the recently concluded CAF under 23 Championship?

Answer: Senegal

14. What is AU and where is Headquarters located?


i. African Union

ii. Adis Ababa

15. The first military coup in Nigeria took place on which date?

Answer: January 15, 1966

16. Who is the minister for defense?

Answer: Brig. Gen. (rtd) Mansur Dan Ali

17. Which University is the oldest in Nigeria and when was it established?


i. University of Ibadan

ii. 1948

18. Who is the minister for Transport?

Answer: Rotimi Amaechi

19. Who is the minister for Education?

Answer: Adamu Adamu

20. Who is the Chief of Army Staff?

Answer: Major General Tukur Yusuf Burutai

21. Who is the minister for Power, Works and Housing?

Answer: Babatunde Fashola (SAN)

22. Who is UN Secretary General and he is from which country?

Answer: António Guterres, from Portugal

23. Nigeria hosted the Black People’s Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in the year___

Answer: 1977

24. Who is the founder of MICROSOFT?

Answer: Bill Gates

25. The next Olympics Games is taking place where and when?

Answer: Beijing, Feb. 4 – 20, 2022

26. Which is the youngest country in Africa where is the capital?


i. South Sudan

ii. Juba

27. Mention six States of the Federation that has boundary with River Niger.

Answer: Kebbi, Niger, Kwara, Kogi, Delta, Edo, Anambra, Bayelsa

28. Who is the first Nigerian woman Vice Chancellor?

Answer: Prof. Alele Williams

29. Mention one prominent traditional ruler in Nigeria that died recently?


i. Oni of Ife
ii. Tor Tiv of Gboko

30. Who is the Governor of Central Bank?

Answer: Godwin Emefiele

FRSC Past Questions And Answers (Current affairs)

1. How many Corps Marshalls has the FRSC gotten since the inception till date?

2. The present Corps Marshall of FRSC is

A. Boboye Olayemi Oyeyemi
B. Rose Chinyere Uzoma
C. Martin Kure Abeshi
D. David Parradang
Answer: A.

3. Which of following is the core duty of the FRSC?

A. Prosecuting persons reasonably suspected of having committed any traffic offence.
B. Baking Cakes
C. Issuance of all Nigerian travel document
D. Deporting of foreigners
Answer: C.

4. The FRSC was formally established by the act of parliament in
(a) 1988
(b) 1957
(c) 1964

(d) 1976

Answer: A.

FRSC Recruitment Screening Exercise Requirements

Candidates invited for the screening exercise are to report at their given venue on the supplied day and time with original copies and also photocopies of the following documents.

  • Educational Certificates
  • State of Origin Certificate
  • Duly completed Guarantor’s Form
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
  • One White-coloured Office Flat File Jacket
  • Two (2) recent Passports Photographs with the name of the candidate written at the back in capital letters.

The exercise as earlier stated will take place in all 36 state capitals as well as the FCT. Candidates are advised to be timely and not arrive late as the lateness of any form will not be tolerated and there will be no African time. Keep to your appointed time.

FRSC Shortlisted Candidates Dress Code/Requirement

Selected Candidates are to report to their various state screening centers with the following items:

  • White vests.
  • Blue short.
  • White canvas.
  • White socks.
  • Original and photocopies of their credentials.
  • Scratch cards for online verification of result (WASSEC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB).
  • Writing materials (Biro and Pencil)
  • File Jacket
  • National Identity card/slip
  • Passports and full size 5 x 7 photographs.

FRSC Recruitment Additional Instruction for Screening

Original copies of documents are to be submitted by shortlisted candidates at the recruitment centers and also during the final selection interview for physical verification. Applicants who advance to the zonal recruitment test will have to submit the following documents;

Two recent passport size photographs duly stamped and countersigned by an officer of appropriate rank specified, Local Government Chairmen/Secretaries and other specified officers.

Also, photocopies of the following:

  • Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age (Any declaration of age done less than 4 years ago will not be accepted)
  • Educational/Trade Certificates and
  • Certificate from the applicant’s State of Origin showing he/she is an indigene.
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