Countries With Visa Lottery for Africans this year

Visa Lottery for Africans – Immigration has become common in modern society due to lots of benefits from the receiving country. A lot of people strive for a chance to get visas into countries with greener pastures. The visa lottery program allows immigrants to acquire a visa randomly. Visa through lottery programs is only eligible to countries that send fewer immigrants to the US annually. However, this application program is entirely free to everyone.

The United States and Canada are the major countries that offer visa lottery programs to immigrants globally. This program is carried out every year with around 50 000 immigrants granted visas. Countries with visa lotteries lottery offer an online application where immigrants apply for visas. Want to know the countries with visa lottery? Please, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about Visa Lottery for Africans.

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Countries that Offer Visa Lottery for Africans

The visa lottery program was established in the United States according to the 1990 Act. The US permits visas to immigrants of diverse origin through a computer lottery. Canada also offers this program to immigrants across the world.

The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and a few other countries also offer visa lottery applications.

In this article, however, we shall be focusing on the eligibility and requirements of the visa lottery program in the United States.

Ineligible Countries for the Visa Lottery 2023

Countries eligible for the visa lottery are nations with less than 50,000 immigrants to the US every year. The program permits immigrants from :

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • America and Caribbean.

Visa lottery programs are carried out except for some countries. Below is a list of countries that do not qualify for the 2022 visa lottery program.


Most African countries are eligible to apply for the visa lottery. The only country that does not qualify for a visa lottery in Africa is Nigeria.


Asia’s countries that do not qualify for the visa lottery program include; Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. A native of other Asian regions, asides from the ones listed above, is eligible for the 2022 visa lottery.


The United Kingdom is not eligible for this program, as it sends more than 50,000 immigrants to the US every year. Other British dependant regions like the Faroe Islands, Anguilla and many other dependent areas are also not eligible.

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North America

Canada does not qualify for the visa lottery program.

America and Caribbean

The Diversity Visa lottery program is not eligible for a number of these countries. They include; Columbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

Requirements For The Visa Lottery Program

The visa lottery program is shared between six regions around the World. The number of visas given is dependent on the rate of immigration from the applicant’s country of birth.

The lottery program is only eligible for countries that have sent less than 50 000 immigrants every year over the last five years. This fact is tailored so that regions with low rates of immigration get a higher number of visas through this lottery.

Eligibility For The Visa Lottery Program

Asides from qualification through your birth country, there are some other factors that make you eligible. The qualifying factors include Education and Work experience/ Occupation.

Education/ Work experience

A high school education or its equivalent is compulsory in applying for a diversity visa lottery. Alternatively, you need to work experience of at least two years within the last five years in a job that requires at least two years of training.

There is also some specific occupation that qualifies you for the diversity visa lottery. The Department of labour has particular jobs that are eligible for a visa lottery application. Click here to see the jobs on the Department of Labour (DOL).

The visa lottery program is a legal way of acquiring a visa into the US. The requirements and eligibility are somewhat easy to attain.

How to apply for the visa lottery program

The visa lottery program has an easy application procedure. Your eligibility is an essential thing as it qualifies you for the online application. Below are guidelines and instructions on how you can apply for the visa lottery program.

  1. Fill out the online application form. The entry form contains questions about your personal information.
  2. Upload a valid ID photo. The government ID photo is compulsory for the application process, and the photo must be taken according to the correct guidelines.
  3. Preview your application form to avoid any errors.
  4. Submit the entry form to the relevant government authorities

NOTE; The visa lottery application is entirely free and does not attract any fee. However, you must be eligible and also possess some/all the requirements to apply.

Applicants from ineligible countries do not qualify to apply for the diversity visa lottery program, there is no need to apply or try to apply. It could be a waste of your time.

Winners of the diversity visa lottery will be notified after the computer program randomly selects the successful candidates.

If you are among the lucky winners, you can proceed to apply for a visa. Don’t know how to apply for a visa? The section below covers all you need to know about the visa application.

Basic Requirements For Visa Application

Getting your visa approved is achieved by providing certain documents and meeting the requirements. All these can be done through knowledge of the guidelines and instructions. Below, we are going to guide you through the essentials of applying for a visa.

  1. A signed passport with at least two blank pages. The passport must be valid for at least the next six months.
  2. Passport photographs at least three months old under a white background. The photo size should meet the required guidelines.
  3. A business cover letter or a letter of approval from an employer.
  4. Completed visa application form.
  5. A letter of Invitation
  6. Bank statement showing proof of the availability of sufficient funds. The bank statements must be recent.

NOTE: Individuals below the age of 18, are to provide a birth certificate and letter of consent from their parents/guardians.

Once you have the necessary documents and requirements ready, the next step is to proceed with your visa application.

How To Apply for a Visa

Applying for a visa through the visa lottery program does not require a unique process. However, the visa application process may differ depending on the type of visa. Here is a highlight of how to apply for a visa.

  • First, you have to visit the visa application website and create a profile. After creating an account, you will complete an online application form. You are to enter your correct information and details in the application form.
  • Book an appointment with the embassy. You will also need to pay the visa application fee online through PayPal or Debit/Credit cards.
  • Print out the online application form and the payment receipts. These forms will be required at the interview centre. During the appointment interview, you will be asked a few questions about your travel. You will also submit the requirements and documents necessary after the interview.
  • The visa application will be reviewed and approved if it meets all the requirements. After approval, your documents will be returned to you along with your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Many Visa Lottery Visas are Offered Every Year?

The diversity visa lottery is a program that offers visas every year. The United States of America (USA) provides visas for over 50 000 applicants every year in this program. The program is done towards the end of the year, around October to November. These 50 000 applicants are strategically distributed among six different regions across the globe. Countries with fewer immigrants to the US have a higher number of visas awarded to their citizens.

Will Applying for a Visa Lottery affect my Tourism Visa?

The diversity visa lottery application will not affect your chances of getting your tourism visa in any way. You are free to go on with your application.

What disqualifies you from getting a Green Card?

According to the US Immigration law, any individual convicted of ‘aggravated felony’ is not qualified for a green card or permanent citizenship.

Can a married Couple Apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

A married couple can apply for the visa lottery. If any of them is picked, the couple can get a visa based on marriage grounds. However, the couple must provide the necessary marriage certificate and documents as proof.

How Much Does the Visa Fee for Diversity Visa Lottery Applicants Cost? 

The visa fee for applicants eligible through the visa lottery program is $330. This visa fee is non-refundable whether the visa gets approval.

All the information provided in this article will guide you through the visa lottery program and Visa Lottery for Africans.

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